Newton's Bench Instructor's Guide

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Newton’s Bench is specifically designed to be a full college laboratory experience for the student, especially for laboratories involving motion and mechanics.  This kit is used in colleges for the first semester of algebra-based or calculus-based physics, but has also been used in middle and high school physics, with particular success in the homebound or home-schooled student who is unable to use the traditional laboratory environment.

These labs are used in both algebra-based physics (often called college physics) and calculus-based physics (often called university physics) classes.  Student prerequisites for these courses are different. Hundreds of students at both the high school and college level have used Newton's Bench to fulfill requirements for AP physics and first year college physics.

Newton’s Bench is designed to be flexible allowing your laboratory to be in- home, on vacation, in a library setting, or anywhere else you choose.  These kits have even been used in combat zones by military personnel.

Eleven (11) laboratories are included in each kit.

  1. Measurement & Scientific Reporting
  2. Vectors
  3. Gravity
  4. Projectile Motion
  5. Ramp Physics
  6. Collisions
  7. Friction & Conservation of Energy
  8. Torque
  9. Rotational Motion
  10. Kepler's Law
  11. Young's Modulus

    The laboratories follow the order given in the Instructor's Guide, but can be flexible.  It’s recommended that the lab Measurement and Scientific Reporting be done first.  Many instructors do the labs on Gravity, Rotational Motion, and Kepler's Law together, but it depends upon when the material is covered in the lecture.

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